Created by nature, made by people.

Croatians, as a nation, are very famous stoneworkers. Venice is made with our Istrian stone, and on the White House, you can find stone from our island Brač. Based on history, working with stone and similar products is in our blood.

Our strength is to delight in our uniqueness and courage in working with our hands, however at the same time accept new, better ways, and make the best of it. We enjoy playing with robust materials, elegant proportions, and unrivaled comfort, taking inspiration from nature's finest and purest elements with careful detailing and harmonious shapes.

Manual processing allows us to dedicate ourselves to each piece we carefully create. Thanks to the final hand finish, each product that reaches the client is personalized and one of a kind.

While the company was growing, we have always been guided by the will to find the best materials and technology.

Our story began with Croatian stone, and since than we always choose natural materials which share the same characteristics of durability, quality and beauty. When choosing our partners, we are guided primarily by the quality, but also by the authenticity of the material. For stone slabs, we work with suppliers of traditional Croatian stone. Ceramic tiles we procure from the eminent Italian manufacturer of ceramics: Marazzi Group.