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What is Private Spa by KORTA?

The feeling of freedom of the body and its connection to nature inspired us to create the Private spa by KORTA concept. The concept refers to bringing the elements from the bathroom to the exterior. When we mention summer, we often feel a sense of being unencumbered and a desire to enjoy the outdoors. An outdoor bathroom will turn a garden or yard into a functional space and make spending time outdoors much more pleasant, contribute to the value of the property, and perhaps even change the dynamics of lifestyles. As always, the goal is to design and produce products in our unique way, accompanied by materials such as natural stone and elegant Marazzi ceramics.

Where did the idea come from?

This time, our team and chief designer Sandro Užila played with the design of the bathtub, sauna, collection of outdoor furniture, and decorative elements. Each of our new products will provide a different kind of experience and a special note of relaxation. We have incorporated new materials into products such as wood and metal, that together with natural stone or ceramics, give a remarkable dose of elegance and luxury.  

Who found themselves in the role of product design?

The bathroom, along with the kitchen, is the place in which we invest most of our budget because it is where we relax the most. Now imagine that you can experience that feeling of relaxation in a bathtub or under a warm shower in nature, in the open air, surrounded by sounds like chirping birds or a light breeze. Of course, outdoor bathrooms already exist all over the world, and they are mostly practiced in tropical regions, where architects like Marko Brajović play with the elements that surround them. We often see a shower coming out of a tree, and a bathtub surrounded by plants or hammocks. Private spas provide our senses with a different experience of being outdoors while we do our usual activities.

Outdoor tubs?

Pools have started to be replaced by bathtubs more and more often. They require a significantly smaller investment and much less maintenance. The place that would otherwise be occupied by a pool can turn into a larger beach or a garden. This concept gives us a greater connection with nature. The bathtubs that KORTA will present are made of Kanfanar stone in cooperation with the company Kamen Pazin, and Italian Cararra marble in cooperation with the company Dansk Marble. They will be massive, like most of our products, one collection of straight lines, the other curved, and as such will certainly stand out, together with our shower, providing that feeling of an indoor bathroom in your exterior.

How will your saunas differ from others?

The sauna comes in two models, it is made of metal, wood, and ceramic. One model will be slightly smaller and will consist exclusively of a space in which there will be a sauna, while the other will be a little larger because it will have an additional room with an emotional shower. Whichever model customers choose, 20 minutes of relaxation will be inevitable. What sets us apart is the design and the implementation of ceramics into the combination of wood and metal.

What is the 'KAP' collection?

Sandro's 'KAP' collection is a unique blend between wood and ceramics and consists of the following products: lounge chairs, tables, coffee tables, benches, and outdoor kitchens. As always, he surprised us with his ideas and the lines he drew. Something unusual for us is that we will have curved lines on our products for the first time.  

Where did the connection between you and Sandra Užile come from?

Sandro fits into our story because he looks at products differently, and like us, he always tries to bring something of his own, something personal, which will then differentiate these products from others on the market. Our director Stefano and Sandro cooperate in such a way that Stefano knows how to call him even at 10 in the evening with an idea that comes to him at that moment, explains to him in his own special way what he imagined, Sandro understands and takes the further process into his own hands. After making the first drafts, the whole team (sales, development, production, and marketing) gets together and evaluates each idea in a different way. The sales department looks at how and to whom we can present the product, the development department looks at how it can be complicated, just kidding, they look at how it can be done (it often happens that something designed by a designer requires huge investments to make a prototype that may or may not succeed), production team then receives instructions and makes a prototype, and then the marketing team starts with the story of the announcement, films the product development process, publishing it on social networks and works on the campaign that will follow the presentation of the product on the market.

What can we expect from KORTA in the future?

KORTA is heading in the direction of becoming a market leader for exterior products, however, we are currently working on the development of the first interior product, specifically for wellness. This development connects us with the Italian company Aquaform, which has been manufacturing innovative solutions for wellness and spa since 2017. T We are already experienced in processing stone and ceramic plates, so we suggested that we try to incorporate their elements into our material, and they liked the idea. A month ago, we made the prototype of a stone slab shower head that has 3 outlets: waterfall, rain, and mist, and is mounted on the ceiling.

What are you most excited about?

We are happy that our work was recognized by such a renowned company and decided to develop their new product line with us. This shows that we have been doing a great job for the last five years, in which we invested enormous effort, love, passion, and time. In addition, we are pleased that the interest in cooperation in foreign markets such as Dubai and America is increasing, and hopefully, we will soon have the opportunity to present our first major project. We are pleased with the development of new products in which we invest some indescribable passion, and the desire to make our brand, KORTA, known throughout the world as a manufacturer of products that inspire enthusiasm and provide users with a unique feeling of relaxation.

Welcome to the world of KORTA!


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