Creating unique ambients around the globe.

Our brand exemplifies an elegantly casual lifestyle, where the mind and body relax. Creating unique pieces, playing with materials with a goal to develop a timeless and well balanced design.

Every now and then, life surprises us by reminding us how beautiful it can be. Rich in colors and excitement, full of joy and delight, very simple, cheerful. Sometimes we experience that moment while grilling with friends, in an evening walk with the person we love, with the smell of morning coffee...

But what if we told you that this is not about the moment at all, but about the place? About the place where you are always at your best. The place that invites you to be spontaneous, daring, and smiling. The place where you feel life as it should be. That place is called Istria.

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The place that inspires us.

Created by Slow Design Principles

What is Slow Design?

Firstly, Slow Design is not about reducing the production speed of a product but creating a product design that captures the attention of its user and slows them down in the process. Slow Design incorporates many of the principles related to sustainable design and branches out from the original slow movement that began with Slow Food.

How do we fit in?

Slow Design relates to products that are both thoughtfully produced and thought provoking and that’s where we come in. Through quality craftsmanship and innovation, we want to show our customers the loving process of care and attention that goes into each and every one of our products and our hope is that our products will enrich your homes with a daily source of beauty and inspiration.

Slow Design is at the core of everything we do here at KORTA and our products provide a balance to today’s industrial-consumerist design model.

Indoor team

Jasmina Čerina

Business Development Manager

Marko Jurman


Nino Brečević


Stefano Ladavac

CEO & CO-founder

Marija vozila

Middle East Business Developer

Miloš Jarić

CO-founder & Production manager

Leda Muštović

Copywriter & Marketing Assistant

Ana-Marija Zeoli

Design Engineer

Nikola Jurman


Adam Jašić



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